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Confirmed Musical Performances

These wonderful musicians will be performing at the exhibition on the afternoon of Saturday June 4th.

Seth Frightening 

Joe Blossom

Albert Williams

Dick Whyte

Harriet Ferry

Artist list announced!

We currently have an enormous 55 confirmed artists, but keep watching for late additions, be sure to check the Artists Page to see examples and write ups of the artists work. 

Tao Wells

Dick Whyte

Bryce Galloway

Robyn Kenealy

Roger Morris

Peter Madden

Kerry Ann Lee

Richard Meros 

Campbell Kneale

Stephen Templer

Ellen Rodda

Jeff Henderson

Ryan Bennett

Hannah Salmon

Arlo Edwards


Sam Ovens

Kim Gruschow

Richard Dennis Bartlett

David Alphabethead

Zachary Jordan Penney

Blake Dunlop

Carlos Patino

Jacob Carlson Sparrow

The Screamer

Tui Effie Harrington

Brendan Olphert

Fredd Marshall

Lance Ravenswood

Benjamin Michael Knight

James Quick

Hywel Thomas

Danny Dowling-Mitchell

Regan P Bailey

Rhydian Thomas

Ana McGowan

Georgie Brown

Rhiannon Beckett

Gene Van Der Zanden

Kelly Spencer

Ash Jones

Andy Macready

Tali Williams

Jon Coddington

Esther Lewis

Adam McCalley

Alex Meagher

Chloe Rose Purcell

Dominic Studer

Aidan Griffin

Louis Klein

Hayden Currie

Alex Mitcalfe-Wilson

Zaou Vaughan

Sebi Ruters

Concerned Citizens

A Fundraising Exhibition to Help the Victims of the
October 15th “Anti Terrorism” Raids

When: One weekend only! 3rd – 5th June, 2011

Opening night: 4:30pm, Friday June 3rd , followed by screening of “Operation 8: Deep in the Forest” at 8pm, followed by lively discussion.

Viewing: Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th  11am – 8pm 

Where: Garrett Street (opposite Glover Park, above People’s Coffee)

WhyThere are very many talented people around us who make amazing art. At the same time, 18 people in New Zealand are currently being bankrupted by the cost of fighting questionable charges following the ‘Operation 8’ raids conducted around the country on October 15th, 2007. To address these concerns, more than 30 artists from around New Zealand are exhibiting their work in the hope of raising funds (and awareness) to support the victims of the raids and their families. 

Many people in the community have questions about this case, and whether justice is being done. We want them to get together, experience some excellent art, and talk about what’s going on.

"“The whole saga since the arrests has been to me one of the most blatant abuses of what are supposed to be the pillars of the western justice system.”
- Moana Jackson"

NZ | 2011 | 110 minutesDirectors/Editors: Errol Wright, Abi King-Jones 
Producer/ Principal Photography: Errol Wright 
Sound: Matt Stutter 
Colour grade: Gavin LaurieConsultants: Alister Barry, Gaylene Preston 
With: Tame Iti, Valerie Morse, Urs Signer, Tuhoe Lambert, Tamati Kruger, Paul Buchanan, Moana Jackson, Jane Kelsey, Ross Meurant, John Minto, Awhi and Moko Hillman, Maraki Teepa, Te Weeti Tihi, Moana Winitana, Jeff Sluka 

If a Government passes a Terrorism Suppression Act,
 as happened in New Zealand in 2002, and creates the mechanisms to police it, then there must be terrorists to suppress, right? Errol Wright and Abi King-Jones’ potent Operation 8 examines the Rambo-like ‘anti-terror’ raids of October 2007, illuminating how and why they took place – and at what continuing cost to civilised life in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Source & More Information:

Universal FreedomPoster OneArtist & Designier: Lance RavenswoodMediums: InDesign, Photoshop and Soft PastelsInspiration: IDN Volume 28 no. 1, Page 065 (Thank You Artist) Feel free to print poster and post on your mums fridge.

Universal Freedom
Poster One
Artist & Designier: Lance Ravenswood
Mediums: InDesign, Photoshop and Soft Pastels
Inspiration: IDN Volume 28 no. 1, Page 065 (Thank You Artist) 

Feel free to print poster and post on your mums fridge.